Urgent Relationship Repair Bootcamp
You Can Save Your Relationship. . . Even if you have lost all hope!
If you have lost your connection and loving feeling, are separated, have had an affair, are planning to divorce, or are seeing your marriage crumble for some other reason - then the Urgent Relationship Repair Challenge is for you!

This intensive half-day experience with Dr. Ada is  a combination of exploring your negative patterns of relating, "first aid" measures, extreme personal responsibility commitment, positive connection challenge, and visioning. It's perfect for a quick turn around that will fill you with hope and create a foundation for making wise decisions about your next steps. 
Usually $1,500 now $497.00
When you are in constant stress or experience a crisis, you can become overwhelmed. Your brain gets overloaded with stress chemicals, which inhibits your capacity to think clearly and to cope. You get flooded with all kinds of negative feelings and seem to be drowning. Shock, grief, anger and despair seem to take over and you can’t experience strength or make rational decisions.

Dr. Ada teaches how to go from crisis to a positive path of hope and love. Not only will the way you interact with your spouse change for the better (no matter what happens going forward) but you will regain self-respect and confidence in God's plans for yourself.

By attending the Urgent Repair Challenge you'll learn how to stop the pain and get back on track. I've surveyed hundreds of couples and their most common causes for crisis include difficulties with communication, needing more time together, fighting, and wanting to be more connected and affectionate in their marriage. On top of these, many couples are afraid of their partner having an affair or have already been impacted by infidelity. That's why the Urgent Repair Challenge teaches you how to heal from pain and move forward to have the happy, thriving marriage you desire.
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